Scrumptious, House-Made and Distinctive.

We've created a delectable line of house-made menu items offered daily including: soups, salads, lasagna, pizza, pockets, mac-n-chez & tofu scramble. We offer a casual, counter-service environment with big tables and comfy seating.

We make EVERYTHING from scratch. No Daiya here. From the dough, to the sauce, dressings, soups - everything in-house so it's fresh, delicious and to our strict specifications in quality. 

We offer catering for events available for pickup at our Retail locations with 72-hours notice.

download our savory menu!

We offer 1-2 soups daily and keep our regulars guessing with a rotation of pizzas: Green Monster, Aioli, Spinach Tomato and Taco (Yum! Avocado), and pockets: BBQ tofu, Pizza and Tikka Masala; varieties offered depend on availability of ingredients and how our chefs are feeling that day.

We enjoy creating new and delicious recipes on the regular, so stop by and check out what we're serving!

Our facility produces items that contain nuts, corn, soy, coconut, peanuts, tree nuts and other known allergens. Our products are certified gluten-free and 100% vegan. We do our best to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of these items. If you have concerns or severe allergic reactions to any of the known allergens listed, we do not recommend that you consume our products.