WE LOVE BIRTHDAYS! We’re so excited to celebrate with you! Join our cafe community with a special party for you and your friends at our community table! Celebration includes: setup, breakdown, package below and anything else you’d like to add. You’ll have a server dedicated to your gathering. Celebrations are 2 hours, including setup and breakdown of event. A minimum of two-weeks notice is required to prepare for your event.

Please complete all fields below then submit your request. Please note: birthday reservations are not confirmed until we have replied to your requests and you have paid in full, following confirmation of your entire order.

Payment is due in full in advance to reserve your date. Reservations can be modified and guest counts changes up until 7-days before your event. All birthday sales are final.

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Who's the BIRTHDAY Person?
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Birthday Person's Date of Birth!
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Our minimum fee includes 6; you can invite up to 12! (Guest max is ONLY for birthday participants - because the table is only so big)
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