We’ve built a strong sense of community here at the Flying Apron. We encourage growth within our organization and beyond. We want people to pursue their passions, wherever those may lead. We feel if we invest in you, you’ll invest in us. We employ incredibly talented, smart, educated and driven individuals.

Think you’d fit in here? You can find out more about our perks, evaluate your fit according to our values and learn more about our interview process below. If there's a position you're interested in, apply by sending your resume, explanation of fit and anything else you'd like us to know to: jobs@flyingapron.com - we look forward to meeting you!   

Open Positions - Now Hiring! 

BARISTA! Redmond, WA ( 1.5 Positions) (Hours: 7am-8pm)
View our job description https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/fbh/6074824152.html
Then apply via jobs@flyingapron.com - include your resume and an explanation as to why you'd be a good fit!

CAKE DESIGNER/PASTRY CHEF! (.5 Position) (Hours: 6am-4pm)
View our job description https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/fbh/6066164730.html
Then apply via jobs@flyingapron.com - include your resume, portfolio and a few reasons why you'd be a great fit!

Perks & Benefits

Employees of the Flying Apron, in all cities, enjoy the same perks and the same pay structure. We offer paid sick leave, 50% off all food (yum!), free coffee always, flexible scheduling, a 4-day work week - and - opportunities to contribute in ways that inspire your natural talents and abilities, beyond your core role with the organization. Employees post on social media, take photos, curate our art, promote events and identify ways to give back to the community. Need an interest-free loan? Help moving your stuff? Let's talk about it. When you work here, you're part of our family. 

Our Values

  • Caring: we look out for one another, we lend a helping hand. We express concern genuinely for our customers & our co-workers alike. 
  • Curious: we want to learn and explore one another’s roles; we listen to each other’s ideas and accept criticism and critique with grace.
  • Mind for Service: we are here to serve - our customers, our co-workers and our owners.  
  • Work-hard Ethic: we strive to not just do our jobs, but do them well, help out when and wherever we’re needed, search for new things to do and ways we can make this company better.  
  • Committed: we care about this company and want it to succeed. We're here for more than a paycheck.

Our Interview Process

When applying to be considered here at the Flying Apron, for any position, keep in mind the following:

  • Always submit your application with a resume, explain why you’d be a good fit too
  • We won’t respond if you don’t include a resume
  • We screen all candidates via EMAIL first - if you pass, then you'll be scheduled for an in-person interview
  • All finalists will be work interviewed before we will consider extending an offer

Candidates may go through all phases of interview and still not be selected for a role with the company. We will officially extend an offer to any candidate we consider hiring, and your hire will be confirmed via an email offer letter.

Questions about the company? Email: jobs@flyingapron.com

Best of Luck!