Our mission is to provide the highest quality and best tasting

gluten free, vegan products to our customers.

The Flying Apron bakery is Seattle’s best, and only, gluten free and vegan bakery. For us, this means finding the freshest natural ingredients that are free of harmful, unnecessary chemicals, animal products, gluten, and wheat. We are committed to creating food that is not only good for you, but that tastes great too. The healthy aspects of our products can be seen in our highly visible and transparent listing of ingredients. The quality is backed by our “complete satisfaction guarantee” that allows for a return of any product for any reason, with no questions asked.

We are located in a warm and bright retail location in the heart of the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. We have indoor seating with large tables that encourage our guests to relax and enjoy, and outdoor seating to take advantage of Seattle’s mild, and sometimes even sunny, climate. Our wholesale operation is designed to allow our business partners to profitably carry Flying Apron products, thus requires no minimum order sizes, has no hidden fees such as fuel surcharges, and addresses the issues of allergens and cross contamination.The Flying Apron offers food for those with dietary restrictions due to medical, health, ethical, religious, or moral reasons, including:



  • Veganism/Vegetarianism

  • Gluten restrictions (Gout, Autism, Celiac disease, etc.)

  • Wheat restrictions

  • Sugar restrictions (Diabetes, etc.)

  • Dairy restrictions (Lactose intolerance, etc.)

  • Egg allergies

In January of 2010, the Flying Apron came under new ownership. The new owners are committed to continuing service to the gluten free, and vegan communities, as well as the residents and workers of Fremont that want a great environment to eat, drink, and relax.

Jeff Silva and his wife previously owned a bakery and café in Seattle, and his ongoing management of Crohn’s disease has given him a very real perspective on food and nutrition. Ethan Hernandez is from a family of Seattle-based entrepreneurs, and having a daughter with severe dietary restrictions is committed to helping others that need to be extremely mindful of their eating requirements. Erik Chelstad, like Ethan, has had a hand in many Seattle-based startup companies, and is absolutely thrilled to be working on a link of the ever strengthening chain of sustainable food production.

We are committed to fair, honest, and transparent business practices that delight our customers and guarantee a long, healthy relationship.

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